Mrs. West-Grady's Library

Welcome to the Online Media Center!

Welcome to Our class! Here are some resources for you to use at home to keep up with what we are working on in the Library!

  • Students can log into Destiny right here! Or can easily find the link by going to our district's home page.  Students can log into Destiny using their id number as the username and password. We have some ebooks in the catalog.  Students can then click on either Storyline online under fun sites  and listen to a story being read by an actor.
  • Go to Getepic and log in using my classroom code umm5806  and listen to an audio book or have books read to them 
  • Or select a library game
  • Book cover activity bookPuzzle.pdf

Students should be reading at least 30 minutes every day. Keep a list of what you read.smiley


***After reading your stories remember to answer the following questions.***


1.  What was the title of your story?

2.  Who were the characters?  Who was the main Character?

3.  Where did the story take place? (setting)

4.  What happened in the story?   Retell the story in order.

5.  What was the problem in the story?

6.  How was the problem solved?


1. What was the title of the story?

2. What did I learn?  Name at least 4 things you learned.

Author's purpose

Why did the author write the book





Students can use their Burlington County Library cards and click to this link: Burlington County Library   and check out the ebooks and audio books .


Here is another great resource for reading at home! Kate Messner


Julie Andrews, actress
"The world is full of magical places, and the library has always been one of them for me.  A library can be that special place for our children."